The Light


I had traveled down from the Presidio of San Francisco to my parents’ new home they had built in southern California for a little leave time.  I was serving in the military police and had been stationed in San Francisco for a year or so.  I loved where I was stationed, I had an incredible view of the Golden Gate, the bay and Alcatraz from my second story barracks window but the military is indeed the military so I was looking forward to getting away.   My parents were now empty nesters but I think they may have enjoyed the solitude in some ways.  Dad was working as an adult probation officer and mom was teaching secretarial skills at the college.  They were devout Christians who had been very spiritual for most of their lives.  Dad had previously been a minister; he had attended seminary in Kentucky where we all had moved and then had his own church.  Then my grandparents were having some medical problems so we were compelled to move back to California.

Over the years, my parents had some let downs in their prayer life.  My grandfather had a series of strokes which left him paralyzed on his left side and he no longer knew anyone.  My grandmother had died and at one point they prayed fervently for a dear friend believing they had at least mustered the faith of the proverbial mustard seed but he had died anyway.  This made them, dad especially, delve deeper into their spirituality.  My father I soon discovered had started looking at “religion” more abstractly, trying to, “do” as Jesus said and put the principles of loving one another into action.

So, I was at my parents’ home while on leave from the Army.  It was evening time and I was walking down the hallway to my old room when I saw my father sitting on the foot of their bed.  My mother was nearby and was crying.  The door was open to their room so I could clearly see my mom crying and dad sitting calmly at the foot of their bed.  I stopped and asked what was the matter.  My dad looked at her and then motioned for me to come into the room.  Then dad told me that mom wasn’t crying because she was sad but because she was emotionally moved.  I looked at him with an obvious question on my face waiting for the rest of the story.  He then explained to me that he was utilizing a process, he had been working on in accordance with a theory, where he internally would send people feelings of love when he approached them.  He would mentally envelope them in a field of love and realize that they also were spiritual beings and that we were all “One”.  He said by utilizing this method his clients, the people he had on probation, and others whom he had contact with were opening up to him in amazing ways.  They somehow could tell that he truly was concerned with their well-being so they confided in him.   He went on to say that recently while he was working on the new house he had an exuberant feeling come upon him.  The feeling energized him within and he felt in tune with the world. This great peace washed over him and he felt in complete harmony with all things.  That evening he said when he turned off the lights to go to bed there was a golden light flowing from him and that it had continued.  He said that was why mom was crying, obviously some sort of spiritual breakthrough had occurred and she was deeply moved.  So, I asked if I could see this and he shrugged giving me an I guess so, kind of look and switched off the light.  As he moved about the room a beautiful, golden light was flowing from all about him, it was like the light from a soft sparkler but with no noise from all about his aura throwing sparks about a foot or so.  I was astounded because obviously some sort of energy was coming from his body.  He contrarily did not seem overly astounded but was moved and humbled by the experience.  This light, he believed was in response to the feelings of unconditional love he was sending out.  He explained that he had been sending out these feelings of love for weeks but I know that he had been working on establishing a loving relationship with God, Christ, for years, even decades trying to do what Christ said, “love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself”.  I was amazed and awestruck at this lovely sight and it has stayed with me my entire life!  I know that my father had no motive for sending out these feelings of unconditional love other than his love for humanity.  This is very important because it seems when you are simply loving with no ulterior motive other than to bless one another, then you truly tap into the awesome power, the love of God!

Later, when I returned to my Army unit I received some letters from my parents and they were signed, “Love Mom and Dad” with “ZapZap” underneath.  They sent me some metaphysical reading material which looked at the scriptures from a different angle and we did not really speak much more about the soft golden light, the sparks.  I knew that it was related to the feelings of love that had put some sort of energy in motion, probably the very face of God.

Over the years I have told my children about this experience and their grandfather when they became old enough to understand about, “the light”.   This event carries great significance proving God is real, light, love and spirit.  It also proves our thoughts truly matter putting power into motion in the unseen realm which manifests in the seen.

After years of keeping this knowledge in the family, when I had a medical problem I decided to write it all down so it would not be gone with my passing.  It did not seem right to take this knowledge to the grave with me so I talked with mom who was also a witness about whether I should write about this and make it public.  She agreed that people should know there are supernatural events going on in the world, so yes, I had permission to write about, “the light”.   Mom is still a very devout, loving person to this day. I also asked her how long the light stayed and she told me until dad became ill.  So, it stayed active for decades until dad was ready to move on.  How powerful and amazing!

Daniel Mears is the author of The Realm, a spiritual book which tells how to live the abundant life and includes a powerful eyewitness account of, Chapter 7, The Event, his father’s literal illumination which lasted for decades!   The book also includes, Chapter 6, Opening the Door, what transpired leading up to, The Event, a true spiritual breakthrough.  There are some excerpts, from The Realm, Chapter 7, included in this true story.

Author: therealmbydanielmears

Daniel Mears is a spiritual author from Phelan, CA who recently released the book entitled, The Realm. He is the son of a literally illumined minister and an eye witness to this powerful event, the wondrous light of God!

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